What and where

Born of the ceramic traditions of the Sesto Fiorentino masters is Tondo Fiorentino, a Tuscan brand specializing in the manufacture of artistic porcelain products. There are two important moments during the creation of each product: the selection of themes and reproduction techniques, and the screen printing that is achieved using the antique tradition of a decal applied by impression and then baked in special ovens. The exclusivity and uniqueness of the product lies in it being printed to order and customized according to the client’s requirements


"Expression of the creativity of Diego Ponzuoli, founder and art director of the brand, Tondo Fiorentino is a Tuscan brand that produces decorative porcelain objects DEDICATED TO HOME DECOR.

The essence of Tondo Fiorentino has its roots in the visual and formal panorama of artistic Florence of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, breathing the spirit of the great masters Della Robbia, Michelangelo, Pontormo, Rosso Fiorentino.

The circle is the geometric figure that inspires the institutional image of the brand, composed of the words "Tondo" whose sound cannot be translated into other languages ​​refers to Michelangelo's work dedicated to the Doni family, and "Fiorentino", a word unequivocally linked to Florence and to the universal image that this city has in the world. "

The brand's activity consists of two important moments: the artistic composition, orchestrated by Diego Ponzuoli through a precise choice of themes and reproduction techniques, and the printing, digital and above all screen printing, the latter obtained respecting the ancient tradition of decal applied by impression and subsequently fired in special ovens.

The Mission of Tondo Fiorentino is to combine craftsmanship and design, traditional techniques and digital technology, giving life to unique creations, THE RESULT OF AN ARTISTIC and formal RESEARCH THAT BEGINS FROM HISTORY and the art of contemporaneity TO BECOME a work in itself, in able to communicate beauty and ABSOLUTE emotion

The team


Cristiano Lenzi
Architecht & Advisor


Diego Ponzuoli
Art Director


Duccio Tripoli
Sales & Production


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